Vizier Systems Grape Sizers

In a price-sensitive market, the biggest benefit of the Vizier Grape Sizer is the considerable increase in labour productivity. Thus, overall packhouse productivity is improved by using labour where it’s most needed – in the vineyard.

In high-tech grape farming, coupled with world-wide demand for food safety and best agricultural practices, this sizer is a breakthrough in minimising human handling and delivering grading consistency. The machine sorts grapes by colour, berry size and accurate carton or punnet weight, as well as providing productivity statistics. Furthermore, it can be programmed to deliver the grape bunches at individually suited packer rates.

A major operational advantage is the ability of the sizer to combine packing types, adapt carton weights, trim berry size classification and adjust class colour bands. Packing different pack types simultaneously will simplify the allocation of resources and optimise throughput.

The sizer system is capable of determining cartons produced per sorted class. If the function is used to register the delivered grapes per batch, critical management production reports detailing costs and yield per variety or block can be produced.

By integrating a tracing system into the machine, a packed product can be tracked back to its vineyard block.

Further electronic and software functions include:

  • Production throughput monitoring
  • Packer  monitoring (by using a last cup sensor to determine which packer  missed  a bunch)
  • Cutter productivity monitoring (using sensors to determine which cutter loaded a bunch into which cup)

A very valuable upgrade for the sizer is the ability to sort and grade fruit similar to standard fruit sizers. Usually this feature is used with high value fruit (increasing system utilization outside your table grape season).