Vizier’s roller sizer is known for its fruit friendliness. Excellent dimension sizing and colour grading accuracy are pivotal to its main features. Also, it has the unique ability to sort by weight.

Integrating considerable software functionality, the system can manage cumulative production figures per orchard or packer, overall labour production costs and productivity statistics. Its flexibility provides upgradeability from a weight-only configuration to optics.

Suited to uniform fruit such as citrus and stone, the system construction is sturdy and hygienic. It has a throughput in excess of 10 fruit a second per lane. The smaller pitch between rollers results in a lower forward belt speed than the cup sizer for the same fruit throughput, thus reducing the possibility of fruit damage significantly. And needing roughly half the number of lanes than a cup sizer for the same throughput requirement means it’s much more cost-effective.

The electro-optical system has configurable features which can be adapted to the precise packhouse application requirements.

Of note are:

  • Accurate weighing through multiple weighing samples per fruit with high-precision load cells and signal conditioning to eliminate vibration noise
  • Sorting fruit to combinations of characteristic dimensions, volumetric size, colour and weight. Dimensions can be specified in terms of pole or middle diameter and then either the longest, shortest or average. The system also can identify fruit of specific dimension for which the weight doesn’t correlate to the expected specification
  • Extensive operator diagnostic tools are available to identify damaged or bad weighing units
  • Multiple sorting programs can be configured, stored and recalled


If maintenance and support guidelines are followed, Vizier guarantees its sizer systems to perform to specification. Furthermore, focusing on internet- and web-based technologies, our system software now contains tools enabling customers to perform diagnostics previously done by our technicians.