Established in 1994 to develop, supply and support fresh produce qualification systems, the company has grown to a leader in its field over the years.

We have adopted manufacturing techniques where outsourcing of specialized components are important, and even more so our factory integration of these components to ensure quality products satisfying stringent function and performance criteria.

Our goals are to produce affordable solutions for the customer, while flexible in customization. In the same vein these solutions are easily maintainable with low maintenance requirements.

Customer support is driven by skilled and knowledgeable service people and utilizes modern support techniques – like Internet support. With back-up a phone call away, down-time is minimised and profits maximised. Vizier excels in customer support, because we believe in having customers for life.

Our optical sorting systems utilise the latest digital imaging technology, while few solutions in this market can achieve the weighing performance of our roller sizer systems.

Our systems are designed so that functional upgrades are possible to keep older system relevant at all times. All of these objectives are to add value to your business.