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The operational and performance requirements of all our customers are different. These are dictated by his
own business goals and the market into which he is delivering his produce. It is also a fact that there is not one manufacturer that can satisfy these diverse needs of all customers out there.

The only alternative for addressing these needs is to establish collaboration with manufacturers (and even competitors!) to create a solution which will satisfy the requirements of a particular customer. This proposed system can then contain components from manufacturers to achieve the optimum solution for the particular customer. Factors like function, performance, support, availability and affordability will dictate the system make-up.

So, look no further than Vizier Systems for effective handling and managing of perishable products.
Our solutions include layout and design, sorting and grading systems and peripheral components.

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Our dream

The objective of our business is to create wealth and well-being, not just profit (where only our shareholders benefit).Vizier strives to create a partnership in which the shareholders, employees and customers all benefit.

Our value system

Believe in professional ethics, respect ourselves, respect our colleagues, and very importantly to respect and value  our customers

We value your visit to our website. Our desire is that you will find the information you are looking for. We are proud of our achievements, but still keen to accommodate your specific requirements. If you have additional questions we would like to invite you to contact us.